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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Officiant Review

OFFICIANT: our friend Alex Chung
Grade: A+++
He became an official officiant (for the state of NJ, at least) through gaining online membership to the Universal Life Church. This method was recommended to us by the state of New Jersey, who we called to get the details. It was one of the best decisions we made. Even though it meant we had to work a little harder on the ceremony, and we put pressure on our friend Alex rather than let him enjoy the cocktail hour, it is WAAAAAY nicer, more emotional, more personal, more money-saving to have someone who knows you and loves you officiate your ceremony. It helps to have someone as good at it as Alex was. Who knows, maybe he will make this a regular shtick.


DJ Jeffrey Heart said...

Considering he was a friend of the family, he did an adequate job! From my years of expertise, I was afraid this would be a disaster. However, I'm glad it worked out well.

The extra PA that I recommended to Sarah and Ryan really assited with this beautiful beach ceremony.

muu said...

Alex was exceptional! Few couples are fortunate enough to know their officiant well and have a truly personalized and meaningful ceremony. Even fewer are blessed with an officiant as eloquent and as genuine as Alex. Good job, Alex!