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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Something in Blue Review

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Something in Blue
Grade: no grade yet
We have seen some of the pics on their blogsite, http://www.sibblog.com/, which are phenomenal. We can't wait to see the rest. They have a great photojournalistic style, and have TWO great photographers rather than a photographer and an assistant. You have to know what you are getting yourselves into- you cannot make recommendations about what pics to take, they are not re-directable, if you will. But I totally trusted that they were going to take the best pics, and who am I to know photography better? They told me that we should take more 'getting-ready' pics rather than pics at the reception of the cake-cutting and bouquet-tossing, so that is what we did. So far it seems the decision has paid off. The only mini-mini gripe we have is that everything was running late that day, so we started the photo session one hour late (through no fault of theirs). But that meant that we had to crunch in our bride-groom pics, wedding party pics, and family pics with one less hour. Furthermore, my family arrived even later, so we didn't get to do a formal session with my family before the ceremony. We had so much going on that day, esp dealing with our DJ issues, that we wish that the photographers had been a little bit more proactive about forcing us to reassemble after the ceremony to get a "Sara's family" pic. However, as we mentioned, it was ultimately our own faults b/c of the lateness upon lateness, and if we had asked them to do it, we are sure they would have.

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