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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Food Reviews

MENU: Merrimakers
Grade: A-
They are the exclusive caterers at this site. We actually kind of had some doubts based on some of the reviews that we had read and the food at the tasting, but they really came through. The food was way better than it had been at the tasting. Most importantly, they were TREMENDOUSLY accomodating to our unique, quirky tastes:
  • We wanted a veggie meal that wasn't just pasta - they came up with a great polenta napoleon that was actually the best-rated entree even amongst all the meat-eaters.
  • We totally re-arranged their set menus, and they were like, "sure."
  • We asked for a higher-end beer option, and they gave it to us at no extra charge.
  • We wanted the cocktail hour before the ceremony, they said, "no problem."

It is these little unique and personalized elements that people complimented us for (we had no idea starting with the cocktail hour would be so popular, and at least it meant that I did not have to walk down the aisle alone since my father was 30min late). There were a couple of places for improvement (having two buffet stations so that people didn't have to wait so long and the food got a bit cold; also, we purposely got vanilla and chocolate cake so people would have a choice and explained that to them, but they served the vanilla first, then the chocolate) but when you are doing as much work as them, it is hard to be perfect.


Anonymous said...

Sara & Ryan--We're planning our wedding there for next July, and your site has been tremendously helpful. Thank you for posting so much great information!!

ssisani said...

Congratulation. I am sure that you and your guests will have as wonderful an experience as we did. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at rlmartinSPAM@gmail.com except don't write the "SPAM" part.