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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We're Engaged!

For anyone interested in how it happened (and so I can proudly wave my geek banner), you'll find below a footnote-riddled, choose-your-own-adventure-style description of how it all went down. You can drill down on as few or as many of the gag-me-with-a-spoon details as you'd like.

Yada1, yada2, we went out to dinner3 in the City4. Yada, yada saw a show5. Yada6, yada7 I asked8 for her hand9. Yada, yada she kindly agreed10.

(1) These medical people and their crazy schedules1a. back

(1a) I had the ring in February and asked her when she could guarantee me a free day so I could plan something. She said May. back

(2) We started the day2a at the Met2b, walking through an exhibit on Barcelona2c artists and architects2d. I thought it would be nice to reprise our recent trip there2e. back

(2a) Saturday, May 12th. back

(2b) The Museum, not the Opera. back

(2c) A great place to visit, if you ever get a chance. back

(2d) Decent show, though if you have a week to waste instead of an hour, you'd be better off visiting the city2h,2c and skipping the exhibit. back

(2e) This was the same trip in which we had a conversation where she said she didn't want to get married in the next 5 years2f. back

(2f) She thought she was being crystal clear2g. back

(2g) I took this to mean: she'd reconsider when actually asked the question. back

(2h) Barcelona, not New York. back

(3) Gramercy Tavern3a, loved it3d. back

(3a) Had the vegetarian3b tasting menu3c. back

(3b) I know, right? Most places outside NYC, we have trouble just finding vegetarian options. Inside NYC, restaurants have entire tasting menus for us. back

(3c) Our favorite dish: the spring onion risotto3e. back

(3d) They even gave us wrapped coffee cakes to go, for "breakfast tomorrow morning." back

(3e) Yes, we have become those annoying people who have shared favorite dishes, TV shows, bands. We have stopped being independent persons. Except when it comes to baseball teams3f. back

(3f) Or so says Sara. I say: pretend that footnote never happened. back

(4) Around here4a "the City" only refers to New York City. back

(4a) The northern mid-Atlantic. Correction, the WORLD!4b back

(4b) Sara's correction. back

(5) "Inherit the Wind,"5a currently on Broadway5b. back

(5a) Sara loves the play and had never seen it performed. back

(5b) This production was pretty good, though not best-play-I've-ever-seen good5c. back

(5c) That would be "Long Day's Journey Into the Night,"4b sharing one of the same leads5d. back

(5d) Brian Dennehy. back

(6) Okay, up to this point, she wasn't suspecting anything6a. back

(6a) Not bad, IMHO6c, especially since I told her I was planning something and didn't bother explaining any more than vaguely referring to it as a "surprise"6b. back

(6b) Plus, we had dinner at Gramercy Tavern3 which should have set off "Warning! Warning! Proposal incoming!" sirens in her head. back

(6c) In My Humble Opinion. back

(7) We went to the "Top of the Rock"7a,7b - this started to make her wonder. Then the security guard saw the ring in my jacket pocket in the x-ray machine and made a jokey but not-so-subtle, "You sure you want to do this? Good luck." comment7d. back

(7a) The recently re-opened observation deck on the top of the NBC building in Rockefeller Center7c. back

(7b) Okay, so I successfully managed to avoid the Valentine's Day, anniversary, birthday, Christmas and vacation proposal cliches, but I did fall into the NYC-landmark cliche7e. Oh well. back

(7c) It was drizzling and we were already wet from walking there. I was thinking we could observe nighttime New York from an indoor vantage point; it was all outdoors up there. back

(7d) Which then set off the sirens in Sara's head6b. So she excused herself to the bathroom. Ten minutes later7f, she was still in there7f and I knew she knew what was coming7f and was on the phone7f with Andrea7f. back

(7e) The rain7c at least kept the crowds away, so we had a corner of the roof all to ourselves. It did, however, make everything wet. As rain does. back

(7f) Freaking out. back

(8) Too late, in her opinion. Once she knew it was coming7d, the wait in the rain7e went on longer than she would have liked. But, hey, I was a little nervous. back

(9) Yes, I did the knee thing despite the elements7c. back

(10) Apparently, as I was saying my little speech she was distracted by some other people nearby10a and barely heard what I was saying10b. The ring10e fit, we had someone take our picture10j,10f. back

(10a) I was focusing on the speech, so I was oblivious. back

(10b) She just tried to focus on the intonation of a question-mark-terminated sentence. Which was her cue to say "yes"10c. back

(10c) Which was not so much a "YES!"10d as a "yes". back

(10d) Sorry, that was a college in-joke, true Hargadon-style. back

(10e) Sorry, I won't divulge specs here. back

(10f) In the rain, all wet, but not entirely caring10g. back

(10g) She seemed to care10h a lot more an hour later10i, when she resumed freaking out7f and threw herself into an asthma attack. back

(10h) Care, that is, about the whole proposal/wedding/marriage thing, not the rain. back

(10i) Don't worry, she got over it, and the next morning, she was still saying "yes"10c. back

(10j) Sara and Ryan back