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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hair & Makeup Review

Grade: A
She works at the Christian Dior counter at Neiman Marcus at Garden State Plaza. She was amazing and the makeup stayed strong despite my efforts to dance (see separate DJ review). I tried a couple of the more-advertised makeup artists, and I came out of those trials looking like a clown. The makeup was DRAMATIC but NATURAL considering I rarely wear makeup myself. And she is the nicest, coolest cat even when we had a contact lens catastrophe, which helped calm me down significantly. Because of her sweet demeanor, my grandmother agreed to have her makeup done, and she looked fabulous.

HAIR: Edith at Arlette's French Hair Salon in Fair Haven
Grade: B
Again, I wanted a really natural look and had several hair trials with the companies that come on-site, but they left me feeling like I had very fake hair, so I really appreciated that Edith understood my style from the beginning. We had a great hair trial, so I said screw the on-site people, we will all just go to a salon. I liked my wedding day hair, but it was not perfect. I guess my biggest problem is that she continued to try a couple of different things when we had really had the trial, and I just wanted her to re-create that. Instead, all the trying this and that just made my hair frizzier. Still, it is hard to pull off a down-do for a beach wedding, so for the most part, the hair held very well. My overall recommendation for brides is to just put your hair up so that you don't have to worry about it, it's much more manageable. My bridesmaids/mom did not love what she did with their hair, and I think that may be because she is probably not as good spontaneously and tends to play with the hair a lot, and also, her style, like mine, is a bit more natural. She is MUCH less expensive than a lot of other people in that area.

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Anonymous said...

So did you get your makeup done free while pretending to be interested in buying their makeup? Sweet..