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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dress Reviews

BRIDAL DRESS: Plumed Serpent in Westport, CT
Grade: B
They were nice, a little overbearing but nothing awful, and I got my dress after two trips since I didn't have much time. When I returned for my second visit, the dress that I originally wanted (and went back to the store to try on one last time and most likely buy) was no longer there, which was annoying. But I found another dress from their trunk show that I ended up with. I had a lot of the problems with the dress - which I believe everyone at the wedding heard of - but those are not the fault of the salon. At that time, I asked them for recommendations for a person to alter my dress in the New Haven area WAAAAYYYY before the dress arrived (the salon is 45-min away), and they said they knew some great people in my area - which was just lip service. Months later when my dress did not seem to be arriving at all, and I called them and they were like, oops, the dress should have been here already, let's find out why it's not here. So they weren't on top of things, the dress came late, and after repeatedly asking for a tailor in my area, and their assuring me they new people, and my waiting for their recommendation, they never gave me any suggestion, I took it to a random tailor since I had limited options b/c everything was late, and the tailor was not good. So while the salon did not ruin the dress, they contributed to my ending up at the tailor that did. If I had known that they wouldn't have had any recommendations, I would have just gotten the alterations at their salon and endured the 45-min one-way trips. But by the time I realized they were never going to give me a name of a New Haven tailor, it was too late.

TAILOR: Vittoria's Shop in Branford, CT
Grade: C-
They may be good with regular alterations, but they were not with my wedding dress. They were also not very organized and I needed them to be, since I didn't have much time to complete the alterations. On more than one occasion, they were not expecting me when I had scheduled an appointment the week prior. The most egregious error on their part was that they waited until my final visit (three days before my wedding) to tell me they could not bustle the dress. They had not mentioned this ONCE in the three weeks leading up to this point - I feel like they should have told me far earlier than this.

PRESSING: Gold Thimble in Rumson, NJ
Grade: A
I dropped off my dress two days before the wedding and they had it ready for me to pick up the next day. The pressing made my dress look like a completely different dress - believe me, this is a good thing. I have no complaints here.


DJ Jeffrey Heart said...

I thought Victoria did an excellent job, the dress was gorgeous. I would imagine such a harsh indictment of her efforts would cost her business and put her small business in jeaopordy.
I know many clients who were extremely pleased with her service.

ssisani said...

Just to be clear, the tailor was not Victoria in the first place. The name of the business, is VITTORIA. And DJ Jeffrey Heart was not there to see me when I had to change out of the original dress for the reception secondary to the tailoring problems that I had with it. I clearly stated that the problem with the dress was BUSTLING and he never saw it bustled.

Anonymous said...

Sorry it was Vittoria which I am sure you did not tell her that you gave her a negative review on your blog. Most likely a nice lady. However I feel it only right that she is notified, she should be able to defend herself.