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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Accommodation Reviews

Grand Lady By the Sea
Grade: A+
Jamie, the proprietor, is so relaxed and helpful. He loves his home and really wants other people to have the chance to enjoy it as much as he does. WE LOVED our stay there. We split the groomsmen into another B&B, and this was the bridesmaids' B&B (although somehow Ryan snuck his way into this B&B, reportedly b/c the other one didn't have any room for him). We took the whole place for the weekend, and Jamie left town letting us do whatever we wanted with it. He even cleared out his fridge and let us use all his kitchen utensils for a Sunday brunch we threw there. Beyond that, he even went around asking his neighbors whether our guests could park in their driveways if we had parking issues. We cannot describe to you what an amazing backyard this place has, with a gazebo, a view of the entire Sandy Hook and Manhattan in the background. It is a perfect place run by a perfect owner.

Blue Bay Inn
Grade: A-
A modern, new, clean boutique hotel in Atlantic Highlands, so a little bit inland from the beaches. It is NOT easy to find nice places on the Jersey shore that would satisfy our Manhattan crowd, but this place was one of them. The staff was helpful. All of our guests received their welcome bags without a hitch. They do have a 2-night minimum like many other places in the summer, which discouraged people who wanted to come down on Saturday only. And managing our reserve block was a little bit difficult at times depending on who answered the phone, but in the end, our guests who did stay there had nothing but nice things to say. They were also very helpful with logistics throughout the course of our wedding weekend and even declined to charge a guest who did not show up for the reservation - clearly losing money in the process. The Blue Bay Inn is also walking distance from the SeaStreak ferry from Manhattan.

Seascape Manor
Grade: B+
We didn't stay here, but most of the groomsmen did. The rooms are nice and the view is fantastic (when they're NOT doing construction on the Highlands Bridge), but the owners are a little odd and surprisingly awkward, considering that they own a B&B. There are also cats and dogs running around the house, so beware if you are allergic to them.

Fairbanks Resort
Grade: B
We weren't expecting much more from this place (see our previous 'Accomodations' entry). The price is right considering it is directly across from the beach. They rooms are okay in decor, but everyone knew that going into the weekend. They did mess up on one of the reservations, but that was quickly rectified. They also had no desire to distribute the welcome bags that we had provided, so we had to hand-deliver them to the guests. Over our wedding weekend, there was a large group of people from Hedonism who were in the area to visit Gunnison Beach (the infamous nude beach). Apparently, Hedonism = middle-aged men milling about the Fairbanks. Just so you know the crowd that hangs there.


Anonymous said...

I am sure that the folks at Seascape Manor would be glad to see your review. Especially the comments about them being 'odd'and the comment about the dogs an cats.

bonobo-six said...

The Seascape Manor was at least a B+. I've slept around, and I would suggest the rooms were nice, the facilities adequate, and, yes, while a little eccentric, nothing that didn't scream charm.

muu said...

Grand Lady By the Sea was wonderful. Everything you would expect a lovely B&B to be. The place was spotless and it truly felt like being at home.

ssisani said...

bonobo-six, since you stayed there and we didn't...B+ it is! (I changed the post accordingly)

Kem Beriault said...

Based on our Stay at the Fairbanks Resort and Marina, we have decided to book a week at Hedonism...what a wonderful and eye opening experience! I am also in the process of growing a pony tail to prepare for the trip.