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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

AA Getaway Coaches Review

Grade: C
We felt it was important to provide people with a shuttle so that there would be no designated driver issues. We spread ourselves a little thin in terms of the number of hotel stops along the way (5), but we compensated by having A LOT OF communication with the company prior to the wedding, printing EXTENSIVE directions and maps after spending hours determining the shuttle route, and even having one of our friends (thank you, Katie Lamb) go through the entire shuttle route in case the shuttle driver needed help. The guests reported that the shuttle driver often did not know the directions and needed a lot of help. Since neither Ryan nor I took the shuttle, we will never know what really happened on that shuttle, but to our guests, all we can say is we are sorry and had good intentions.


DJ Jeffrey Heart said...

Mike from Gateway is a treasure to work with, many of your guests raved about the transportation services that day. Having heard his side of the story, and how much he enjoyed working with you both for this most special day, I'm shocked you would give him such a terrible grade and review....

ssisani said...

Perhaps if we would have worked with Mike, we would have had a better experience. Unfortunately, we did not get to work with Mike. And DJ Jeffrey Heart did not have the chance to stay at our wedding long enough to find out about the rave reviews. We have heard nothing but complaints from our guests.