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Friday, July 11, 2008

Wedding Party

Drum roll, please... and with some topics for discussion in case you run across them at the wedding.

Andrea Woo- maid of honor
Ask her about: being a fierce bridezilla in her own right
Don't ask her about: the fact that her own wedding is only weeks away

Sophie ChheangAsk her about: why she can't eat chocolate cake, strawberry shortcake, raspberry mousse cake (what cake will she eat??? made picking the wedding cake quite challenging)
Don't ask her about: anything before 12pm, she will be asleep

Sophia Isani
Ask her about: how excited she is to be a bridesmaid, makes Wednesday Addams look like a warm & loving sister

Komal PandyaAsk her about: chocolate covered w/chocolate inside a chocolate shell w/ chocolate fudge drizzled and chocolate sprinkles on top
Don't ask her about: when she is going to have children

Michelle Umali
Ask her about: being a design diva, makes Martha Stewart look like kindergarten arts and crafts
Don't ask her about: why she can never finish a beverage and has to leave a swig at the bottom every time

Dave Whitelaw - best man
Ask him about: travelling to Burma and, heck, essentially all of Asia
Do not ask him about: the mysterious and divergent properties of water and vodka

Kevin FergusonAsk him about: his latest motorcycle trip
Do not ask him about: the "water cycle" (or is it "water system"?)

Will Fox
Ask him about: his urban garden/vineyard
Do not ask him about: advisors with a knack for abusing hand-crafted physics equipment

Andrew Kohn
Ask him about: the ghosts of Gettysburg
Do not ask him about: Madagascar

Graham Spence
Ask him about: his impending fatherhood
Do not ask him about: sinking the Spanish Armada