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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lodging Update

Now that we're inside six weeks until the wedding, it's really time to book your hotel rooms if you haven't done so already. This is especially important at the hotels where we've blocked off rooms - they will all release those rooms back into the general pool on Tuesday, July 22nd - a week from today. After that, not only will the rates be higher, but the rooms may disappear quickly. Here are some more detailed notes on the hotel rooms as of today (July 15th):
  1. Blue Bay Inn: All of the rooms in the block have been taken, but they have a couple rooms left. If you want to stay here, you'll have to talk to the manager (Bob Hilton) and sweet-talk your way into the wedding rate. Remember that there is a 2-night minimum here.
  2. Best Western Hazlet Inn: there are 12 rooms remaining here in the block and if 7 of them are taken everyone gets a much-reduced wedding rate ($110 instead of $159). If we can get a critical mass of people staying here, everyone benefits. This is one of the hotels where we're planning on sending the shuttle, and it has NO 2-night minimum for those who are only staying on Saturday night.
  3. Holiday Inn Express: there are 15 rooms remaining here in the block and they have NO 2-night minimum. Currently no one has reserved a room here, so we're probably going to skip this hotel as a shuttle stop.
  4. Molly Pitcher Inn: we haven't called them because we couldn't block off rooms here but some guests have definitely reserved here. NO 2-night minimum.
  5. Fairbanks Resort & Marina: no blocked rooms but there is availability and required 2-night minimum.
  6. Sandy Hook Cottage B&B: we haven't called here either, so you should try it, but it is a small B&B, so the rooms may very well all be taken. 2-night minimum.
  7. Ocean Place: Um, probably more expensive than ever.

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